Ballers 201 – Face of the Franchise

What is there to say? Ballers. Is. Back. So are your favorite Ballers experts: Ballers on Ballers. Spencer ‘Strasmore’ Darr and John ‘Bill$’ Beisner kick of this season of ballers with an in-depth breakdown of Ricky’s contract battle (pay that man!), TTD’s return, and, of course, Spencer’s epic throwdown with ‘T Sizzle’ on ‘Glazed and Confused’. But those ex-rivals aren’t the only duo squaring off over ‘Glazed and Confused.’ Jesse ‘the Brick’ Laier steps in at 39:45 to catch our listeners up on the Dan Le Batard – ESPN controversy raging behind the scenes of Ballers. It wouldn’t be Ballers on Ballers if we didn’t give out our choice for Least Baller of the Week, Baller of the Week, and Baller Moment of the Week. Guess what? We do.

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