Ballers 309: “Crackback”

Crackback – Ricky struggles with his bipolar disorder, Charles gets what he wished for, and Spencer hits more trouble on the stadium deal. Plus, the ballers discuss the ongoing Rock/Tyrese feud, why Charles seems like he’s in a different show, and this weeks baller rankings.

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Ballers 308: “Alley Oops”

On this week’s Ballers Spencer Strasmore hits Rock bottom, and it’s ugly. First we reflect on Rickey and Dennis’ vulnerable balcony chat, Charles’ future with the Dolphins (and Csonka’s), and wonder what purpose Maximo’s ‘Rage Room’ served.

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Ballers 307: “Ricky-Leaks”

Spencer “Shortsnout” Strasmore is back to sniffing in the tall weeds as conflicts build in his hometown, Las Vegas and a tulpa-filled dream world. Is this Evan T. Reilly’s homage to Lynch/Frost? Who facilitated the Ricky-leak? Will ASM be sold to IMG? Does Charles not understand doctor/patient confidentiality? Uncertainty is swirling in the Ballersverse, but we’re here to help navigate through it.

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