Ballers 309: “Crackback”

Crackback – Ricky struggles with his bipolar disorder, Charles gets what he wished for, and Spencer hits more trouble on the stadium deal. Plus, the ballers discuss the ongoing Rock/Tyrese feud, why Charles seems like he’s in a different show, and this weeks baller rankings.

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Ballers 308: “Alley Oops”

On this week’s Ballers Spencer Strasmore hits Rock bottom, and it’s ugly. First we reflect on Rickey and Dennis’ vulnerable balcony chat, Charles’ future with the Dolphins (and Csonka’s), and wonder what purpose Maximo’s ‘Rage Room’ served.

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Ballers 307: “Ricky-Leaks”

Spencer “Shortsnout” Strasmore is back to sniffing in the tall weeds as conflicts build in his hometown, Las Vegas and a tulpa-filled dream world. Is this Evan T. Reilly’s homage to Lynch/Frost? Who facilitated the Ricky-leak? Will ASM be sold to IMG? Does Charles not understand doctor/patient confidentiality? Uncertainty is swirling in the Ballersverse, but we’re here to help navigate through it.

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Ballers 306: “I Hate New York”

This week is a celebration of reunions—of Mr. Anderson and his brother Julian, of Ricky and Julie, and of the Ballers themselves! That’s right, this week we have a special reunion episode, featuring our initial reactions to “I Hate New York,” a progress report on Mr. Seifert’s job as the Miami Dolphin’s GM, and the latest baller rankings. So strap in, Ballersverse!

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Ballers 305: “Make Believe”


After breaking some fresh Ballers news, BOB asks the tough questions about the latest episode of HBO’s smash hit. Is Ballers pivoting to become a show about VR porn? Is the piss man baller of the week? Does Seifert come off as a religious zealot? Is Spence going to betray his friend, investor, and client Vern? We look at all the angles of the latest from the Emmy nominated series Ballers.

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Ballers 304: “Ride and Die”

Ricky is suffering technical difficulties, and so is Ballers on Ballers. We will be back this weekend with our Baller of the Week (some SD cards have CTE). While Spencer is busy being sort of a dick trying to save Vernon’s contract AND move an NFL team, Ricky can’t remember roses, sex, or his own address (save that to your Uber profile Jarret!). We’re concerned. Luckily Chloe is still falling on the sword for our favorite Ballers.

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Ballers 303: “In The Teeth”

Rest easy, world, Ballers has been renewed for season 4. But today we’re celebrating episode 3 of season 3 “In the Teeth”. We ask the hard questions this week: Is Siefert a mentor or nemesis? Why didn’t Dennis go to Sin City with the Rickey? Does ‘Glazed and Confused’ still suck? Then, a fan favorite finally makes it onto this year’s Baller Rankings.

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Ballers 302 – “Bull Rush”

All aboard! We bull rush through the latest episode of the Emmy-nominated Ballers on the Taaka Express Train, taking shots at Vernon, Rickey, and Spencer. Our latest Baller of the Week standings will leave you stunned and a bit confused. But stick around for our unanimous Personal Baller Moment of the Week, an accomplishment long in the making.

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Ballers 207: ‘Everybody Knows’

For Ballers season 2 episode 7 ‘Everybody Knows’, we analyze Charles’ front office acumen, the Jerret family drama, Mr. Anderson’s financial fumble, Andre’s power play and both Spencer and Jay Glazer’s ceaseless downward spirals. Everybody knows that Rashard Mendenhall is a (Super Bowl winning) world class athlete – we discuss the renaissance man’s blooming writing career. BONUS SEGMENT (55:00) – we breakdown the Ballers schedule, mourning the upcoming week off (suck it Labor Day) and fawn over the courageous, baller move of scheduling the final three episodes of season two against NFL Sunday Night games.

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Ballers 206: ‘Saturdaze’

Evan T. Reilly may be taking a mid-season siesta, but Ballers on Ballers never rests. This week we discuss our disappointment with Dennis’s meddling (RIP #Ricky2NOLA), Tyrod Taylor trade rumors, Charles’ first assignment (seeya Kovac), give Rob Weiss free advice (Reggie+Joe=profits), cover the temptation of Joe (suck it Andre), and update our listeners on the latest in the War on Ballers (looking at you, ESPN). Then, we give out our Least Baller of the Week, Baller of the Week, and Personal Baller Moment of the Week.

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Ballers 205: ‘Most Guys’

Ballers! What a week. Rhianna gets a career boost from this week’s name-drop, we debate the morals of adopting exotic pets, andNate proves to be a better friend than Reggie – but Joe and Reggie find common ground and begin a beautiful journey of their own. Spencer’s trying to beat the NFLPA and an opiate addiction, but not before beating the arrogance out of Travis on the bench press. All aboard the bus – next stop Pill Farm! BAAAAAALLERRRRRRRRRRRRS.

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Ballers 204: ‘World of Hurt’

Ballers on Ballers this week catches you up on the latest Dwayne Johnson news and breaks down all the action from Ballers latest episode, ‘World of Hurt’. We give the show-runners some free advice (you’re welcome), spare some harsh words for Mr. Seifert, hold our breath with Vernon, reveal the latest action in the war on Ballers, and shake our collective head at Spencer’s poor decisions (did you catch the pill-snatching?). It’s a wild week, which wouldn’t be complete without our Least Baller of the Week, Baller of the Week, and Baller Moment of the Week.

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Ballers 203: ‘Elidee’

This week the boys discuss science vs. spirituality, #Ricky2NOLA, and whether or not Ryan Tannenhill is an elite QB in the #Ballerverse. John and Jesse also debate the moral dilemma facing Vern: should he tell the truth and risk losing his contract or lie and risk losing himself? Plus Spice Adams, trips to Taco Bell, and this week’s Ballers of the Week!

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Ballers 202: ‘Enter the Temple’

Tensions run high as bitter rivals Spencer and Andre joust for Sizz’s love. We also check in on Charles’ future, Ricky/TTD’s relocation plans (#Ricky2NOLA), Tracy’s crusade against employer bias and Reggie’s thirst for self actualization. Shout outs to Miami-Dade County’s newest NBA legend, The Rock’s burgeoning political influence, Andy Garcia’s filmography, California livin’ and NOLA love abound as we dig into yet another trailblazing Ballers episode.

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Ballers 201 – Face of the Franchise

What is there to say? Ballers. Is. Back. So are your favorite Ballers experts: Ballers on Ballers. Spencer ‘Strasmore’ Darr and John ‘Bill$’ Beisner kick of this season of ballers with an in-depth breakdown of Ricky’s contract battle (pay that man!), TTD’s return, and, of course, Spencer’s epic throwdown with ‘T Sizzle’ on ‘Glazed and Confused’. But those ex-rivals aren’t the only duo squaring off over ‘Glazed and Confused.’ Jesse ‘the Brick’ Laier steps in at 39:45 to catch our listeners up on the Dan Le Batard – ESPN controversy raging behind the scenes of Ballers. It wouldn’t be Ballers on Ballers if we didn’t give out our choice for Least Baller of the Week, Baller of the Week, and Baller Moment of the Week. Guess what? We do.

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Ballers 109 – “Head-On”

The penultimate episode of Ballers, “Head-On”, packed in the surprises: Roles have been reversed for Charles Greane, suddenly fierce in the bedroom but fragile on the field – can the Black Swan make a comeback? We experience an Original TTD Joint, Joe checks out commercial real estate, while Spencer checks in on an old peer. PLUS: we check up on Dave from Taco Bell and make plans for the Ballers Finale Pool Party.

Ballers 106 – “Everything is Everything”

“Everything is Everything” HBO’s Ballers’ 6th episode sees an introspective Spencer Strasmore tackle both his own issues and Vernon’s. The ballers on ballers crew addresses this, Charles’ sordid stay at the Funhouse and Joe’s trackside deal with Maximo “Machete” Gomez. PLUS Crucial topics such as “Top 3 items to Throw At The Beach,” “Why Band of Horses’ ‘The Funeral’ was NOT the best song of 2006,” and of course, the weekly baller power rankings. Bottoms up – ballers on ballers always goes down smooth.

Ballers 105 – “Machete Charge”

Ballers, beats, and bubbles – this week’s episode of Ballers on Ballers was recorded live at the Baller’s Hot Tub. Throw on your trunks and jump in, because this week on Ballers was bananas.

Joe closes the Victor Cruz deal, karma comes for Vernon, Ricky punks Zo, Charles ponders the difference between porn and nudes, Angelo’s offer, and Spencer’s sharp machéte.

PLUS: Baller Power Rankings, Baller of the Week, Least Baller of the Week, and Baller Moments of the Week (DOUBLE PLUS: Bonus Baller Moments of the Week).