Ballers 303: “In The Teeth”

Rest easy, world, Ballers has been renewed for season 4. But today we’re celebrating episode 3 of season 3 “In the Teeth”. We ask the hard questions this week: Is Siefert a mentor or nemesis? Why didn’t Dennis go to Sin City with the Rickey? Does ‘Glazed and Confused’ still suck? Then, a fan favorite finally makes it onto this year’s Baller Rankings.

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Ballers on BBall – Shane Battier Interview, Round 2 Playoff Preview

Baller alert! S2E2 of Ballers on B-Ball has our first exclusive NBA legend interview: Mr. Shane Battier + insider HBO Ballers Season 2 news! Also discussed: 2nd round playoff match ups, Views’ affect on Toronto’s woes and Prince’s favorite baller, D-Wade.